Everybody - from pop stars to the Pope - is calling for strong climate action.

But what action? Cap & Share is a simple answer that cuts right through the complexities. It's fair, practical, effective, cheap, easy and empowering. It's not a tax; it puts us in charge; and it protects the poor. Don't let anyone tell you that "it's not that simple". It is.

Here's a 90-second video on Cap & Share (it's also on YouTube here). There are more short videos like this in the 'In a Nutshell' section of this site.



In the Paris agreement at the end of 2015, nations agreed to try and limit global warming to 2 degrees. But signing agreements won't make it happen. If we finally wake up to the seriousness and urgency of the climate emergency, we'll need to act, not just agree to goals.

To act quickly and decisively, we need a plan. Cap & Share stands ready.


To tackle climate change seriously, we need to cap (limit) our carbon emissions.


To do it fairly, the money involved should be shared out equally, to everybody.


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